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 Wolfgang Tillmans
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Kae Tempest | Konzert

Gewinnt Gästelistenplätze für den 24. November in Berlin

  • 24. Nov. 2022: 18:00
  • Admiralspalast | Friedrichstraße 101 | 10117 Berlin

Kae Tempest
Einlass: 19 Uhr; Beginn: 20 Uhr
Ort: Admiralspalast
Info, Links, Tickets: Trinity Music

Kae Tempest: "'The Line is A Curve' has a beautiful heart, it was built on love and there is deep love running through it. My involvement in every aspect of putting it out, including writing this myself, make me feel closer to the process of offering it to the world than I have before. My hopes for it are that the major themes as I see them, of resilience, acceptance, surrender, come to life in the people listening to the album. But in truth, now it’s done and heading out there into the world, my hopes for it are irrelevant. It belongs to whoever discovers it, and means whatever it is they take it to mean. All that’s left for me to do with the record is wish it safe travels and head out there to make it live on stage."